First print


I started my first print and for a while it went pretty well. I’m trying to figure out what happened to the upper half of the print (photo enclosed). Would this be a temperature problem?



What kind of filament are you using? If it’s PLA, what temperature are you extruding at? With PLA I have to sometimes increase the infill density of smaller items inorder for the print to be substantial enough. More information would help.

I figured out the problem. My PLA filament was getting jammed in the extruder so I was getting sparse flow, then nothing. I have been trying to find an optimum temperature for this filament.

PLA can range from 180-200 depending on the supplier and color.

I ran several tests last night and this morning with the translucent light blue PLA filament. Oddly enough, 220C seems to work the best. I haven’t experienced any jams in four prints using this temperature and before I was unable to complete one. Anyone else there using this filament?