Fixing resized object wall thickness?

Just got my TAZ 5 2 days ago and have been putting it through it’s paces. One awesome project I saw on thingiverse was the cat battle armor. Before I get more filament and can print it in better colors, I wanted to do a test print for my ferret! So I scaled the armor down and started to print a piece - 30 mins in I’m noticing it’s failing, missing spots, etc. I check out the object in the Layers view and I notice holes in the walls of the armor.

Duh - when I resized it, some walls became so thin they were unprintable.

Is there any way/software that I can resize a 3D object and the either preserve a minimum wall thickness, or repair the object to close those gaps? I know I can go hardcore 3d modeling and do it manually, but I’m wondering if there is a quick and easy tool that can handle such an issue.

Obviously it won’t look 100% right, but this is just for testing anyway.

What slicer are you running?
If you are using Cura, you can click on the part, and use the scale feature at the bottom of the screen. I’m pretty sure that will retain the shell thickness you set in Cura.
Good Luck, and post back what you find so the rest of us can learn.

I am using Cura, and resized it using the scale feature. It still made the walls too thin :frowning:

Maybe I have said this before or someone else has, ThingVerse has many 3D projects that will never print right. Done by 3D designers who don’t own a 3D printer they just don’t work, Sorry.


Which of the cat armor files are causing you trouble? What scaling value are you using? What size nozzle are you using?

The main back plate. Scaling it down to 51% original size (to fit a ferret). .5mm nozzle.

I did notice while playing with autodesk 123meshmixer today it has a minimum thickness editor, I’ll try that later and see how it works out.

Yep. That file definitely has issues. Even with a 0.25mm nozzle the back plate will have holes. (Much smaller holes than the 0.5mm nozzle, but still not a good print.)

BTW: An easy way to check for holes in the print without wasting any filament - simply switch to the layers view in Cura and scroll through the layers.