3D Object slicing / printing issue.


I used SolidWorks to create one 3D object.
Attached are the .stl and .sldprt files.
The piece should look like this
When printing (or in print preview in Simplify3D) is looking like that:
Don’t know what to do.
I’m using TAZ 6 printer with CURA as well as Simplify3D but result is same.
Any help is appreciated.
Thank you.

Piece.SLDPRT (246 KB)
Piece.STL (155 KB)

I imported the file into Slic3r and saw 1 Shell, Manifold and no errors. This means the file is good.

This made me think it may be a sizing issue. So I scaled the part 200% and it sliced just fine.

I also sliced it with the V2 Micro which has a .25mm nozzle and it sliced fine at 100% size.

Thank you for help.
I will increase tickness of the wall and try again.