Has anyone looked into using the Flex3Drive extruder and Hexagon hotend on the Taz? It looks like it would remove some weight from the x carriage and with the 40:1 gear ratio, add more feed control for higher resolution printing. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


A Torque tube drive setup has been on my list to try out for a while now. They are just sooooooo damned expensive though. The main downside seems to be cost, and possible lag in retraction due to rolling torque. But dropping $300 on a “might work” extruder is just a bit more than I want to spend. and their website quite frankly sucks for trying to figure out what you actually would want to order.

I agree their website is pretty bad, but I finally found the single extruder with a Hexagon shroud was just under 80 pounds, which is about 100 US right now. I didn’t check shipping costs. It’s available for both 3mm and 1.75. I just changed my Hexagon to the 1.75 yesterday so I could try playing around with some .15mm and .1mm nozzles I got. With these size nozzles, the 40:1 gearing sounds like it would be advantageous. Of course, I would have to design mounts for the Lulzbot.

Who knows, maybe my secret santa (meaning not telling the wife about a purchase) will get me one…

Merry Christmas to all!


Do you also need to buy the adaptor for the motor end too? I couldn’t tell from the site. If you end up getting one, let me know what it comes with. Combining a torque tube with a dual hob bondtech core might make gor a really interesting extruder.

From their page here:


Product Description

Supplied with:

Complete Assembled Flex3Drive to chosen filament diameter
Quality Printed parts in Black ABS as standard – other colours available upon request (specify with order)
Hotend Clamp for selected hotend version
Includes two bar rigid link tensioner mechanism with quick release lever
Additional screw based filament Tension Arm
Motor Mount Assembly
Flexible Driveshaft with printed coupler and PTFE tube
PTFE Filament Guide Tube
PTFE Tube Clips
Hotend Cooling Shroud
25mm Fan
Fastener kit

(Note: Hotend not included)

Looks like the motor mount assembly mounts to a standard nema 17. The motor - driveshaft coupler is printed. I would have prefered a metal coupler. From what I can discern, you have to figure out how to mount the motor to the printer and mount the extruder to the carriage yourself since they do not offer a Lulzbot specific version. With the weight savings, the dual extruder looks interesting too.

I’ll be sure to do a thread if I get one.


Just ordered one. Total with shipping came out to 119 US.