flexable filaments with mini

hi all
can i print flexable filaments without any modifications on my mini please ? or do i need a different extruder ?

cheers guys



Lulzbot it working on a flexystruder for the mini. In my link above you and print it out and try it yourself if you’re daring. However, no official product has been released. It is currently in development though.


thanks for the reply jim i await the release with anticipation i would love to print flexi on the mini , it would compliment a great machine ,


I’m putting together a test head based on https://ohai-kit.alephobjects.com/project/flexystruder_assembly/

I’ll have spare parts so maybe I can put together a kit. Stay tuned.

Printed some Ninjaflex on my prototype this morning!(short test print of just one layer.) Now I just need to create a quick profile for a Mini. Then I will have to see how it does on a longer print model, if I can think of something I want to print, maybe shoe inserts.

thats excellent have you some pictures of the print how it turned out

Well I found out the cartridge in the hot end was a 12V one! :blush:

But I just finished repairing the last Camila Mini, so I may pop the flexistruder on it for this weekend and print something ‘small’. I figure the person I rework printers for will want to use/try it, and post pictures of it at work on his web site.

Printing some bed fingers with the development version flexi.