Flexy Dually V2 Fans Won't Start?


My team purchased a FlexyDually V2 at the end of last spring semester and we are just getting around to installing it in our TAZ5. We’ve been having a lot of trouble with extrusion jams and have noticed that the little heat break fans never kick on. A problem we had with our regular extruder until we upgraded the little squirrel fan to a 40mm fan. We’re not sure if there is a pre-set time before they will kick on in a print or if we have a short somewhere in our wiring. To our knowledge the heat break fans should basically always be on.

Is this is problem anyone else has encountered?

The barrel cooling fan should always be on. If it isn’t. you either have it wired into the wrong fan port, the fan has failed, the fan is wired backwards. or the wiring itself is wrong.