FlexyDually - Align two stl files

I have my refurbished FlexyDually up and running and fully calibrated. I have built two simple stl files to test my ability to do the dual extrusion merge. They are essentially a wheel rim and tire. When I merge the files they do not align correctly. See below:

How can I correct this offset?


The two models need be in the correct position relative to each other in your CAD program. You can do either of:
Option 1:

  • Load both models in 1 project and align them relative to each other other
  • Delete “model B”
  • Save “model A”
  • Restore “model B”
  • Delete “model A”
  • Save “model B”
    Option 2:
    If it’s not practical to load them in the same project, use distance from the origin to align them correctly with respect to each other
    “The left rear corner of Model A needs to by at 0,0,0 X,Y,Z, the left rear corner of model B needs to be at 10,5,3 X,Y,Z to align correctly with Model A”