not merging boxes

box wont go around the green print part… instead it floats… any ideas what i’m doing wrong?



Most likely an issue with the STL file. If you can upload the file or provide a link to it, I’m sure someone can diagnose and help.

I dont think you can merge two objects (separate STL files) on the Cura print bed. I had to import the stl into my 3d software, merge it there and then print the merged file.


True - You can put two objects on the build plate, but I believe they have to be in different areas and can’t overlap or “merge” together.

I’m just not sure what the OP is trying to do… When loading multiple models, they automatically arrange and drop to the build plate. That isn’t what is pictured in his post, so I interpreted his “floating” issue as perhaps something with the slicing, brought on by a model problem.

OP – Please explain further, and provide models if possible so we can understand the issue and try to help. Nobody here likes a mystery. :slight_smile: