FlexyDually test print very stringy

I’ve just bought a FlexyDually v2, run through the calibration process and tried to do the standard test print (the keyring).

The results came out like this:

This is using the filament that came with the FlexyDually and the ABS & NinjaFlex profile that came with Cura.

Any suggestions about what I should look at to try to fix this?


This is my first post, actually I was looking for a solution to something else when I came across this one, so, pretty much, I went ahead and registered just to answer your question. your welcome. just joking with you. :mrgreen: Anyway, it seems like 2 things

  1. you heat bed may need to increase I do mine at 110
  2. your filament temperature may also need to increase as well, I do mine at 235
  3. when you print, make sure your advanced setting is on with the ooze shield and filament tower on

I think that should do it