FlexyDually Tool Head and Filament Combo Deal

Goodies to sell

For you Taz 6 users… I have a group of goodies I would like to sell (all pictured in the attached). It is my desire to sell it all as a set.

1 Lulzbot Tax 6 Flexy Dually Tool Head V2
4 .5kg rolls of PVA water soluble filament (3.0)
2 .75kg rolls of silver NinjaFlex Filament (3.0)
1 .75kg roll of ColorFab HT Clear filament (3.0)

All still in their original packaging. The tool head is still shrink wrapped - never used

Originally paid a total of $854.95 for all of it, but would be willing to sell the group for $600 plus whatever the shipping is.