Any flexible filament toolheads still being sold?

I have a Taz 6 and want to print tpu but I don’t see any toolheads still for sale for flexible filaments. I have a dual v3 but it doesn’t print NinjaFlex reliably, and my single extruder is worse.
There used to be a flexystruder but I don’t see that anymore.
Any Ideas?

The Dual v3 prints Ninjaflex very well! As does the Aerostruder tool head and I think the standard Taz 6 toolhead can as well. I speak from experience. Temp should be set to 225C to 240C with a speed of 30mm/sec or slower. The default profile for Ninjaflex works well. Be sure your nozzle is clear and clean. May be best to get a brand new brass nozzle. I’ve printed through two rolls of Ninjaflex on my Dual v3. What problems are you having?

This guy on eBay sells toolheads that have been converted to E3D V6 as well as other improvements. They claim it works great on flexibles. I have one and it works great overall, though I haven’t tried it on flexibles myself.