Flexydually V2 wit 0.5mm nozzle and Dual V3 experience

Printing Ninjaflex and PETG with Flexydually V2 on TAZ6 with Cura 3.2.x has been unusable with the stock profile that seems unsupported/untested. So I have had to dial in a S3D based setup for a specific production project. At the same time I and my colleagues are very sorry to miss out on the wide material selection with Cura, including PVA that seems to be removed for Flexydually V2 in the new Cura.

In your experience, could it be an idea to change Nozzle size from 0.6mm to 0.5mm on Flexydually V2, and adapt the Dual V3 profile to get on a more supported/tested profile with a lot more materials?

TAZ Dual V3 with 0.5mm nozzles is not available in my country yet - is printing with Dual V3 on Cura 3.2.x a good experience - is it ready for prime time?