Using the Flexystruder

I have just purchased the Flexystruder for the Lulzbot Mini, along with some NinjaFlex filament.
According to the recommendations, I am to cover my preint bed with a gluestick, to prevent the
extruded NinjaFlex from permanently bonding with the PEI layer.

My question is…how easy is it to remove the gluestick residue, for when I want to print
with the original print head? Has anyone tried this? Is it just a matter of cleaning the bed
with some isopropyl alcohol?

Thanks in advance for any and all info…


It’s very simple. Apply some water to a paper towel, and, assuming you bought a water washable glue stick, the glue comes right off. I do it all the time now switching between ABS and Colorfabb XT.

Tip: If you can, get the glue stick that goes on purple and dries clear. When you wipe the bed, the towel turns purple. You’ll know your bed is clean when you wipe it and the towel isn’t purple anymore.



So about the Flexystruder, If I am reading the literature correctly, If I install the Flexystruder they suggest not using it with regular filiment such as PLA, ABS or PETG? So I would have to switch heads back and forth? Or can I use all fliment with the flexysruder? Or can I use some of the flexible fliment without getting the flexystruder?

The hard filaments will wear away the flexystruder liner. You would need to replace it more often. It is difficult to print flexible fillings with the stock extruder body, but it is possible.

As mentioned, it wears out faster if you use hard filament in it. It would be nice if you could just use one extruder for both. While it seems really annoying to swap them out, after a couple times it goes pretty fast.

I looked at the video and you are right it does not look that hard. I was wondering if it would be possible to replace the screws with pins. Then modify the mount with a few rare earth magnets. Do the same with the lid that covers the connection. Then it is a matter of unplugging one extruder, pull it off the mount and replace it with the other one.

Thanks, Jim. I appreciate the reply!
The gluestick I currently have, is the one t hat came with the Flexystruder. It doesn’t mention if it is
water washable, so I will try it out on something else first.
If not, I will get the one you recommend.

Thanks again!

I don’t see any reason you couldn’t replace the screws with magnets. There’s not really any significant force on the cover. It mostly just holds the wires down and protects them and the connectors.

I like those Elmer’s purple glue sticks. I use the big ones. If you have filament that sticks too well even after setting the Z-offset properly it helps a lot and manages to still hold things down.