Flexystruder Head possible to print PLA or ABS?

Hello Mates, i did not want to brake somethink, so please pardon my Question here.

Is it alloved and possible to Print PLA or ABS with the Flexystruder Head on the Lulzbot Mini Printer?

And is the same Answer right with the TAZ 6 Printer when using Flexystruder Head?

Thanks for helping.

ABS and PLA will tend to wear away the flexystruder PTFE lining faster. It will work, but its not reccommended for that reason.


Why the Flexystruder should not print the hard filament:

  1. Ruin the PTFE tube and may chip and could cause a forever clog.
  2. Mixing filament, will create a new kind of filament and may cause a non removable clog.
  3. Printing at the higher temps for the harder filaments will cause the PTFE tube to put off toxic fumes

Just something to think about :slight_smile:

If the ptfe tube in the cold end is getting hot enough to emit fumes, you have bigger problems and should probably put out the fire in your 3d printer.

Thank you Mates for the Information, i will not print hard Material with the Flexyhead.
Printing at higher Temps? What is the allowed printig tenmp with this Head?
I am asking because i have my free Day Yesterday and i was more printing and testing different flexible material.

After 3-4 Hours printing i change the Filament from Filamentworld Filaflex to Ninjaflex Fire red, Printing with 20mm/s.
First Print 30 Minutes was with 225 degrees and no Problem, 2nd Print 50 Minutes 220 degrees no Problem,
then i start to Print a Sampel (3Hours) but after 5 Minutes i hear a “klack klack” then normal sound then again Klack Klack.

I was by the side and stop the Print, tryed to reverse the NinjaFelx and the Ptfe Tube comes with out!! (see Attachment Pic.)
I have built the Printhead down and open the 13mm screw nut and the Motor screws, then i saw the Ninjaflex inside.
It was completly drilled and tattered. I clean the Filament from there and because the Ptfe Tube… i push them slowly back.
Then I put everything together and test the Printer.

But on every print at now i hade the same Problem.
I have clean the Filament a second time after them. Now i was again looking what happend and i found the Problem.
The Filament is so soft when the extruder pulley push them to the nozzle he drill them and push the NinjaFlex little bit outside
where the Extruder Pulley turns out!!! Then them Motor stucks and the Klack Klack beginns.
I have 2 Videos but i they have 63MB and 140 MB and i dont now where to upload :frowning:

I try to slow the speed nothing happend better, after several time Dismantle and reassemble the Flexhead i try with Polyflex Filament.
But the same Problem beginns after short time there also.

So i think the Ptfe Tube is … little bit…worn out!?
Did is possible to order that as single Part? From Support?

The Videos Uploaded here: (Edited because uplode-link broken)


Files have 18 and 10 MB.

Yes, the PTFE tube has been deformed and stretched and no longer fits properly(aka tightly) around the hobbed bolt, and needs replacement. I have ordered it from McMaster but that was several years ago now. (i got 2 feet and still have a little left.)

It is not an order-able part from AO if I remember correctly, but IT Works may have some.

furijozo, welcome to the club. I’ve got three flexystruders for the exact reason that the PTFE tube wears out. I print a lot of simiflex and when the “clack clack” sound of the filament jamming starts up I usually don’t have the time to tear it down and replace the PTFE, so I’ve always got back up tool heads standing by to quickly swap to. Fleystruder prints beautifully but it’s the bane of my 3D printing life.