Flexystruder not extruding ninjaflex...

Ok so i recently got a Flexystruder and i got it setup and the software setup and updated the firmware though if i try to print with ninjaflex i have to push the filament in myself and i can see it trying to extrude the filament but it just isnt. Even when i push the filament inside myself it wont even print right or like a normal printer would because it extrudes in a weird way where it does extrude for about 10 seconds, then stops, then starts again. I completley followed the directions to install this thing and i wanna know whats wrong with it. Note that i have tried higher temperatures and it still didnt work

It sounds like the hobbed bolt is grinding your fillament out. You’ll want to call support probably. It could be a hotend to extruder body allignment issue, a thermistor not reporting the correct temperature issue, bore lock due to unusually large ninjaflex (rare but i have seen that before) or something else.

Will filament extrude if the toolhead is above 5cm above the bed?

If yes, then the autolevel is not working correctly. Try cleaning the nozzle and touch points.