flexystruder v2 not finishing prints

I have two v2 flexystruders and they are both set up the same and one can work on the cura pre set options but the other one will only get about 20 layers in and then get clogged.

they are both running with the same settings but I was wondering if the esteps would have an effect on the print clogging?

The hobbed bolts inside each extruder may be different and would have slightly different esteps values, which can contribute to jamming. You would want to either set different profiles up for each one, or order a bunch of hobbed bolts and find two that are closely matched (which is more difficult than it sounds by the way)

It could also be a fillament path issue with the one that is jamming, or potentially the barrel cooling fan on one of them isn’t working correctly.

thanks is there any way to test what the esteps or do I just have to find a new part

Do you have a photograph of a print we can see?

For starters, you are either overextruding, or printing PLA with the cooling fan turned off. That is not a normal print surface. Your idler arm spring tension may be too low. Also check that the fillament path isn’t being bound up.

it has alo done this in the past

I’m printing with cheetah flex and I am using a fan, and what do you mean by that’s not a normal printing surface?

I got it working. I think it was a combination of the wrong flow rate, layer heights and print speeds.
flow is at 95%, layer height 0.2, and the speed is a little slow but I have it at 10