I have a spare hexagon hotend I am considering converting to a flexystruder. My only question is I saw that you need to update the firmware to use it which doesn’t make sense being it is the same hotend just different body. What is the difference in the firmware for the flexystruder? Do I have to re-flash my firmware every time I want to switch my hotend? Also is there any additional hardware I need besides printing the extruder body, would I need PTFE liner, if so can someone send me link to purchase it or sell me a section?

Potentially different esteps value due to variances in the hobbled bolt.

You will need the ~65 MM PTFE tube that goes in the body after you have drilled the body for the exterior size and the tube interior diameter to the proper size for use. :sunglasses:

And then drill the tube for the Hobb bolt to go through the body.

Do you know where I can get the tube or what size exactly is needed? Thank you!

To answer the original question: You do not need to reflash your FW. You can always set the temps via the custom temp menu. As has already been noted, you may need to recalibrate your esteps.

I have modified my FW so that I can preselect temps based on the filament type. (A somewhat longer list than the standard FW supplied by Lulzbot.)

I will have to say “No!” I bought my tubing several years ago and am still working my way through the 2 feet I ordered. :blush:

But I know it is on the Bill Of Material for the flexy V1.1.

McMaster-Carr part #8547K23

.25" OD .125" ID PTFE tubing