Hex hotend toolhead v2 Flexystruder modification

I’ve been working on a modification to the new V2 toolhead to allow ninjaflex printing with parts from a flexystruder. First, I disassembled both toolheads and discovered I would need a spacer to allow tight enough fit between the hex head intake end and the flexystruder body. I designed one that works fairly well and is available here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:714247. I assembled the hex head with the stock aluminum bracket and then slipped the spacer onto the hex as shown. Next I loaded a length of ninjaflex into the flexystruder and turned the gear manually until about 15mm of filament was exposed. I lined the filament up with the intake hole of the hex head. I had to get new 25mm mounting screws as the stock ones were not long enough. Finally, I tighter everything up. I mounted it as usual, primed it, and went ahead with a test print. So far so good… The stock flexystruder has a 0.5mm nozzle while the hex has a 0.35. I changed my Cura profile accordingly. Further tests underway…

Nice! How thick was the adapter plate? Since I need to print a flexystruder, I was thinking of adding the extra thickness to the part itself.

Cool, let us know how it works for you. :slight_smile:

When we have one ready the files will start landing here:





The spacer is 4.3mm thick, though I think that dimension may require some degree of customization since you want a pretty tight fit in order to avoid issues with feeding the flexible filament through.

Last night’s test print seemed to come out ok. I think I need to do a little tweaking of the cura settings, but I’d say the first test was at least acceptable. There was some stinging and the layer height (0.25) could be a bit smaller.

I downloaded your adapter and merged the STLs in SketchUp. It looks as though the hexagon sits a bit higher and juts out a bit more on top of the alu plate than the buda. Your adapter accounts for the difference of the hex sticking out to allow the flexistruder a flush mating with the plate. Thanks for sharing the adapter. :slight_smile:

After muddling through the above, I started comparing the flexistruder to the hex extruder. Seems to me that it needs a “stem” under the hobbed gear to ensure the softer filament is fed properly… Depending on the tolerance before the hotend assembly, maybe another little stem there also. Should be a pretty easy mod.

When I can get my hands on an extra hexagon, I’ll take a look… right now, I’m having too much fun putting prints through the TAZ 5. :slight_smile:

What about cutting out the flexystruder body? I’m assuming that’s what LulzBot is doing. Haven’t had a chance to look yet but that’s pretty much what happens to the standard extruder body.

So the extra space required by the hexagon can be modified directly into the flexystruder. The problem is the cavity area at the bottom of the flexystruder gets in the way of the space needed by the hotend.

WIth that said, I’ve attached my first go at carving out the space required for the top of the hotend in the flexystruder. Bascially made the cavity smaller, imprinted the base of the normal extruder, and created the necessary 4.3mm space. I’m in the process of printing the test… may need a little cleanup.

Flexystruder_Hex_v2b.stl (1.72 MB)

Nice! I knew that someone was working on this already. Thanks, let me know if it works out.

Thanks! Credit goes to SeeDiph’s plate as my motivation. :slight_smile:

I actually think this might work… have the pointer hovering above the “Add to Cart” button for the extra toolhead… :slight_smile: My wife would kill if she found out I picked up another piece for this monster…

Obviously you should go ahead and get another one… All in the name of science… Wives understand that!