Hexagon AO Hotend

What exact materials are used in the Hexagon AO Hotend? I just checked the BoM for the flexystruder but it doesn’t say specific materials for the nozzle, heat sink etc.

For example, I searched ‘nozzle’ and the only results were:

  • Hexagon Hotend, Lulzbot Edition, 3.0mm Filament, 0.6mm nozzle
  • Label, LulzBot TAZ Flexystruder Tool Head v2c, 0.6 Nozzle, Front
  • Label, LulzBot TAZ Flexystruder Tool Head v2c, 0.6 Nozzle, Back

I am currently using a volcano v6 power pack. Its hotend contains:
1 x Aluminium Heatsink
1 x Stainless Steel Heatbreak
1 x Aluminium Heater Block​
1 x Brass Nozzle (0.4mm)
PTFE tubing (bowden)

I need to find the materials used for these parts in the flexystuder so I can know how to modify my current system to try and print flexible materials.

Thank you

It is composed of the same materials just different sizes and has no PTFE tube as it is a direct extruder as opposed to a Bowden. Bowden are not very good at using flexible materials in part due to the long feed tube.

Sorry I’m new to this, what modifications need to be made then? (sorry I’m new to this)

Thanks for your help

You do not really say you are running the E3D extruder on a Lulzbot printer and if so which one. If you are, you just need a new top end plastic idler part and the PTFE tube that is inside the plastic idler. Everything else are standard parts you have on the standard extruder now. M8 Hobbed Bolt, washers, stepper w/connector, small/large gear, M8 lock nut, and the other assorted M3/M4 nuts/bolts.

OP are you saying you want to modify the flexystruder toolhead to use the E3D v6 Bowden edition? If so, then it would mean modifying the extruder body so the the E3D v6 would fit… The following topic contains a shim that allows for the Hexagon to work with the Flexistruder.

The E3D v6 from my experience is a little taller above the gap that holds the aluminum plate. I can’t remember if the top of the hotend is the same diameter as the Hexagon.

Hope that helps…

Thanks for getting back to me but that’s not quite what I meant:

What I want is to modify the E3D v6 to be able to print flexible materials like the flexystuder does. For this I need to know in detail what materials are used so I know which materials I’ll need for the E3D.

A previous post said that the materials are the same so if that is correct do I even need to make any modifications? I still feel like I do…

Thanks for the help

If I remember correctly the E3D V6 hotend should be able to print flexible filaments like ninjaflex just fine out of the box. Here’s a link to the E3D v6 original hotend… the volcano is just a larger heater block and larger nozzle opening.

Your challenge will be adapting the flexistruder so the E3D v6 will fit. You’ll need to re-bore the bottom half of the extruder below the hobbed bolt to accommodate the bowden.

If you are looking to buy an A0 Hexagon hotend, the only vendor I’ve found is http://www.3dmakerworld.com/store/parts-accessories/hotends/hexagon-ao-hotend. Does anyone else have a second source?

A number of vendors carry the standard Hexagon hotend. I’ve used both with good success, just remember to re-calibrate the hotend PID values.

If you are looking to buy an A0 Hexagon hotend, the only vendor I’ve found is > http://www.3dmakerworld.com/store/parts-accessories/hotends/hexagon-ao-hotend> . Does anyone else have a second source?

Never mind. I just hadn’t checked the Lulzbot catalog for a while. :blush:

Note that the Lulzbot model, while slightly more expensive, already has the correct connectors so it is a better deal. (I have spent way too much time turning the air blue as I crimp connectors on to new hotends… :wink: )