Fleystruder v2 keeps jamming

So far I have tried printing with the Flexyv2 at all kinds of slow speeds and tempters and even changed the layer height and nothing is working. I have a v1 Flexystruder that works way better and faster and I don’t understand why luz bot does not sell that model any more please help!

Hey Ho,

can you describe a little more detailed which issues you have?
Maybe a picture or two would help as well.

For the questions why AO is not producing / selling V1 of the Extruder any more:
Keeping “old” revisions of a Product in production and stock most of the times is only expensive.

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ok so what is happening is I will start the print and it will go for about 1 or 2 hours and then the gears start slipping and then my semi flex material will stop coming out of the nozzle like the hot end is not hot enough. also after a failed print if I try to turn the gear manually to extrude it will not extrude and it feels like it is stuck in the nozzle but the monitor says the nozzle is 225 still

Hey Ho

I have not yet run into this myself. Nevertheless I have seen the same description here in the forum some times.
I mainly came to to some misalignment in the filament path that leaded to the filament getting jammed just below the robbed bolt.

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When you say the gears are slipping, do you mean the big plastic gear stops turning while the machine should be extruding? If so either your motor/controller is getting hot and failing, or the small gear is slipping on the motor shaft, or at least those are the two most likely problems.

It is the big gear that is slipping but I got it to work better when it is printing at a lower temp and I’m also printing much much slower like it is taking 14hours to print this part that prints in under 4 hours on my v1 flexystruder which is not really expectable to me.

Ok, you’re going to have to be clearer on what you mean by “slipping”. Is the small gear turning when the stepper motor turns? Is the large gear turning when the small gear turns? Is the hobbed bolt turning when the large gear turns? Is the filament feeding when the hobbed bolt turns?

Is this what you mean by slipping (about 1-2 seconds in)?

You’re going to have to mark the end of the stepper shaft and the small gear to see if that is where the problem is. I’m betting that the small gear is not secured to the shaft of the stepper. Mark the small and large gears as well, it is not obvious from the video where the problem is. How is the mesh between the small and large gear?

yeah it looks a little like that video I have a had a hard time seeing what is going on because the gears are kind of hidden on my flexystruder

I think I figured it out I took a look inside of the extruder body and it seamed as if the hobbed bolt was not lined up correctly so I took it apart and printed a little spacer to fit on it and has been working for a wile now.