Flow set to 115%?

I am trying to print with NinjaTek Cheetah and I have had good success with my Lulzbot Mini 2. I recently picked up a Taz 6 with the Aerostruder and added that printer to the Lulzbot version of Cura as well. I am having some issues and one thing I noticed was in the stock configurations of material and printer settings, when I select my Mini 2 the filament flow is set to 100% but when I switch to the Taz, flow is bumped up to 115%. Any idea why this would be the case? Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance.

On our older generations of Flextystruder tool heads we needed to set a higher flow rate in order to print flexible materials properly. In an attempt to avoid adjusting esteps when swapping between we first experimented with adjusting flow rate. (Later on we found that was not necessary.) Cheetah was one of the filaments we were experimenting with early on with that tool head.

During the time it took us to discover we didn’t need that adjustment, we had decided not to carry cheetah and had stopped developing the profile. We included our existing work under the “experimental” section as we knew it was not perfect. You should be able to drop this down to 100% and have better luck.

That being said, we decided to keep PolyFlex from Polymaker in our retail store (very similar characteristics.) You may want to give that profile a try, as it should be more refined profile.

Also! If you do find some fixes for the Cheetah profile, feel free to export it and post it here. We can look to get it updated for everyone in the next Cura release.

We hope this helps and happy printing!

Thanks for the tip about Polyflex, I was able to use the profile as is for 95%, I simply adjusted the filament temp up to 230 and the starting layer up to 240 because I was experiencing poor bed adhesion at the lower temps. I’m not sure how to attach the modified profile, the message board is balking at the file type. I am attaching it as a .txt file instead. Thanks for the help!
Cheetah Profile.txt (6.85 KB)