Taz Workhorse printing Ninjatek Cheetah

I am trying to print Ninjaek Cheetah on a Taz6 Workhorse. Cura does not have a profile for it.
I am printing Ninjatek Cheetah on 4 Taz 6’s with the Aerostruder without problems. Does anyone know what the different settings are for the Workhorseprinting Cheetah

I’ve not used Cheetah specifically… I have used NinjaFlex.

NinjaFlex is Shore harness of 85A
Cheetah is 95A

BUT… PolyMaker “PolyFlex” is also 95A.

So my first guess would be to try the profile for PolyFlex … and see how close that gets.

I use both PolyFlex and NinjaFlex without issues… but they are ‘stringy’ filaments. I typically use ‘combing’ (in the ‘Travel’ settings) to minimize this.