Focus range on the C270 with the Ciclop scanner

The C270 has a fixed (manual) focus mechanism. The focus is just beyond the scanning platform. If you are consistently seeing out of focus images in your previews you might consider tweaking the manual focus (BQ Labs suggests this in their Google Groups).

  1. Remove the face plate, which you should’ve already done during the assembly
  2. Unscrew the three small screws. The second face plate should just fall out
  3. Locate the lense and turn the manual focus - it doesn’t move very far and has a stop. Tweak it a little to see if you can clean up your focus. You set the camera in the holder to check as you adjust.
  4. Reassemble

I made a video:

I had some of the same issues with mine. I built it from scratch and had a very hard time getting it to work. The focus is the key. So I changed the camera to the c615 with auto focus and it works great. I get awesome scans, but I did have to make modifications to the camera holder.

Like the rest of us had the same problem. Before taking the camera apart i did try another camera with auto focus and Horus gave me an error because it could not find the C270. Did you had the same issue? how did you walkaround it?