For Sale: Taz Workhorse

Taz Workhorse for sale. In very good shape. I purchased it new in March of 2020. I don’t have time to commit to learning the art any longer, as I devote most of my free time to CNC machining.

Until recently it was in excellent shape, however I managed to create a pretty bad extruded blob and accidentally cut the wires to the thermistor in the tool head. I know it’s not difficult to replace and the part is cheap, I simply don’t have the time or frankly the interest to do the work. I have no doubt the tool head can be repaired but I’m willing to consider it a loss. Please bid with this in mind.

The PEI sheet is original and in spectacular shape. It’s got an HS tool head with a plated copper nozzle. Original HS nozzle is still in the zip bag. Absolutely all parts that came in the original box will be included. Original box is pristine. Willing to split shipping, will entertain all reasonable offers.

I’ll add some better pictures tomorrow.

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Where are you located? If someone is not too far away, pickup could be an option to save shipping.

I’m in San Diego. Are you interested in the printer? I’m already offering free shipping, FYI.