Selling A Custom TAZ Workhorse

As the title suggests, I am selling my custom built TAZ Workhorse printer. I started this project almost a year ago but just do not have the time anymore to finish it. At ~80% done it comes with a CNC milled frame, laser cut and powder coated aluminum parts, geared z axis stepper motors, and everything else needed to be in a functional state. I also followed the BOM fairly closely when buying parts. That being said, some work still needs to be done to finish it. The minimum required parts were printed at a very low quality just to get it running, so many of them should be reprinted. Since 1.75mm filament is becoming the standard, the printer has been adapted to use that size of filament, which causes some problems. An easy fix is to change it back to use 2.85mm filament or slightly redesign the toolhead. The Z axis belt normally needs a machined part to hold the bearings, but I have been making progress redesigning the z axis to be mostly 3D printed. A fix for that is to machine the parts for the z axis or design a 3D printed solution. It also does not have an electronics case, and the electronics should be mostly redone anyway. The other things that remain are printing new parts for it, tuning the belts, and finally calibrating the printer. Although I cannot guarantee that this printer can be finished, it isn’t too far off from being done either.

What’s Included:

  • The printer, as is
  • Free shipping within the US
  • Any of the parts I purchased that have not yet been placed on the printer (bolts, extra motors, wiper pads)
  • This last one doesn’t have a price, but the purchaser (or anyone really) is welcome to PM me for direct assistance, questions they have, the online resources I used, where I purchased parts from, or anything else needed that helps finish the printer.

What’s Left To Finish

  • Electronics housing and mounting
  • Wiring, this should really be mostly redone
  • X and Y belt calibration
  • Z Axis Belt
  • Final calibration

Asking $650 OBO

PM me if you have questions or are interested in buying and we can work out the details so its convenient for you.




Printing Timelapse

Printer is still for sale, just thought I would bump this post.