Four screws holding the control box to the frame

Hi all,

Taz5 owner here, very happy, but had coupling issues recently.

So, I was replacing my couplings and I had to pop off the control box in order to cut off the original because it was loctited. Now that I go to put it back, I find 3 black screws and one silver, and what looks like a ground wire hanging near the back bottom mounting bracket.

My assumption is that the shiny metal screw goes through the ground wire and then into the matching hole (bottom rear) in the control box. Can anyone confirm? I should have taken a photo of the setup before I took it off, but it never occurred to me.

Thanks for any info.

Ted Bruyere

A bit confused by your description of where you are looking at that is giving you grief, but this should help you get it sorted out:

It has all of the walkthroughs for building a Taz 5 step by step. Just find the area you are focused on and scroll through and you should find photos and directions for reassembling everything!

I went through that site I don’t know HOW many times before I posted, but step 11 in final assembly is what I needed, many thanks for sending me back one more time. I’m going to bookmark that.