TAZ5 lead screw nut

Where can I find the part number for the TAZ5 z-axis lead screw nut?

I made a bone-head mistake and misassembled the XZ connector and YZ connector. During the first time I did a z home the lead screw nut cracked axially on both sides. I couldn’t find a BOM for the complete TAZ5 on the website. Is there a TAZ5 BOM? Is there a repair and replacement process?

I did find another post for a different model. Safe to assume it’s the one used on the TAZ5?


The one for the Taz 4 should work. As far as I know the pei bed and the all metal hotend were the only changes from 4 to 5. I may be wrong. Someone else will chime in if I am.

You can find part #s and sources for all things TAZ 5 here: http://download.lulzbot.com/TAZ/5.0/

Yes, it is the same nut as the TAZ 4 and KITTAZ.

Here’s the BOM direct link: http://download.lulzbot.com/TAZ/5.0/production_docs/TAZ-BOM-Juniper_1500order.ods

The nut is a Misumi MTSRR12