Free original TAZ for local pickup

I’ve got an original (1st gen) TAZ that needs a new home! The upside is, free printer! (needs a little TLC, but nothing physically broken). The downside is, local (Puget Sound (Washington State)) pickup - I no longer have the original box and it would be a huge hassle for me to ship.

The printer includes a NIB conversion kit to 1.75mm filament (assuming I haven’t lost it over the last decade-ish). Also includes the original printed manual & paperwork as well as the included toolkit (assuming I can find that. :wink: )

If you’re interested, I can be reached at geneb

Thanks all!


Have you considered donating it to a local school? I had my Lulzbot Mini out on extended loan to the local elementary school for a couple of years when one of the grade 5/6 teachers there got very into the subject. The kids loved it, and used it to learn some basic design and printing, then ended up using parts they designed and printed in other science experiments. I volunteered as an assistant in the classroom for some of their work. It was fascinating to see.

I thought about that, but it was a pretty finicky machine and I didn’t want to drop it into the laps of inexpert users. It’s a ten year old machine with all the learning curve a machine of that era implies. :wink: