Free Samples of Enviro Eco-Friendly ABS For LulzBot Users!

Hello LulzBot Community!

3D Printlife has created Enviro, an eco-friendly ABS filament. We’ve blended a bio additive with ABS that allows bacteria to consume it one it enters an active landfill or a commercial compost. To date we have only manufactured Enviro in 1.75mm but we recently began production in 2.85mm.

We wanted to get the word out and provide as many free samples as we can to the LulzBot community to try, and Jeff was kind enough to allow us to post here on the Forum.

To request a sample just email your name and address to and we’ll get your filament out to you ASAP. Feel free to request any color you like as long as it’s black. :smiley:

We are eager to hear your results so please post your feedback, good or bad, here.

The recommended nozzle temp range for Enviro is 210℃-250℃, but most people see best results at 230℃ with a bed temp of 90℃.

3D Printlife is committed to reducing the environmental impact of 3d printing Our spool not plastic but made of 100% recycled cardboard and is compostable. The cardboard is then bound together with a recyclable tin cap.

In addition for every spool we ship we are donating $1 to the Nature Conservancy’s “Plant a Billion Trees” fund to plant a tree.

We look forward to hearing your feedback and thanks to all of you who request a sample!

Thanks guys!

Buzz Baldwin
3D Printlife

Huh, neat, I’ll shoot you guys an e-mail, thanks!

Hey thanks!

I’m really excited about technology and ideas like this! I look forward to testing this out. Email sent. Always great to see greater dedication to more planet friendly plastics and new ideas to solve old problems.

Quick question though: Is there a way to simulate the landfill / bacteria process? A way to culture bacteria to see a test part degrade vs a regular ABS part that wont degrade?

Yay for samples! I can’t wait to see how it fares to regular ABS

I just wanted to post here to let everyone know that I received and tested my sample of Enviro ABS. The shipment was very quick and I like the way in which the packaging was “green”. I printed using the default S3D settings and the results are wonderful. Linked below is a video review I did for the filament. This is my first review video so please excuse the nervousness lol!

Wanted to reply and say that i received my sample quickly and finally was able to test it once i got my printer back up and running. It seems to work just as well as any good ABS and i can see no discernible differences in printing or quality between it and normal ABS. I used it to make a few gears. One was a backup gear for my lulzbot mini, the other was for a prototype gear for my revisited/updated mini DIY taffy puller machine project (that I’m nearly done with).

Obviously i can’t test whether the product is as it claims to be as biodegradable and/or environmentally friendly (which are not necessarily synonymous). But from what i can gather ABS is not listed as being toxic while some plastics are (like resin based ones are in the 3d printing toxic to fish study). This was a concern of mine as i was worried that making ABS biodegradable might have actually posed a danger if that plastic were to break down faster than normal and leach into groundwater like PCBs do. At this time i have not found a good reason to be fearful though. So all in all it seems like a fine filament.

I in particular am interested in low-cost and low-fume filaments. Having those criteria be met and having biodegradability on top of that would be excellent. So i look forward to seeing what next filaments this company comes up with. +1 for more R&D! :slight_smile: