Print critique how do these look?

Being new to the 3d print game I’m not quite sure how prints are supposed to look
Here are some parts I made one set was printed on the old cura fast print polylight pla
one set new cura standard print polylight pla until the printer just stopped mid print …by the way that deep gouge in the angle part should not be there…
the printer is new out of the box no shiming or anything has been done to it or to the printing config. during printing…somehow even though I’m new to the print game I don’t think these look quite right?.. my stl file is good!

I’d say that there is a little overextrusion. Try adjusting the flow rate / multiplier to .97.

Try printing a calibration cube and note the X,Y and Z-axis. That will help identify the axis which may be having issues.

Are you using Cura as the slicing software?

will do… yes both sets cura from the printer and the download cura from the web site