Fundamental differences between Mini and TAZ 5?

Hi all! First post here. I have had a Mini since July and have been largely successful with my prints. I am using Cura to slice and running it from OctoPrint on a BeagleBoneBlack. I have been printing exclusively with ABS from IC3D. About two weeks ago I decided to get a TAZ 5 because I wanted the larger print surface, so I ordered one with the MatterControl Touch tablet option.

My results with the TAZ have been frustrating at best and I have noticed some peculiarities. I have been getting a lot of layer separation which I have narrowed down to needing a good enclosure for the TAZ. The odd part is that it is sitting only 2 feet from my Mini, which reliably cranks out perfect prints without an enclosure and using the same spool of filament. I have no issues with the first layer adhesion. In fact, it almost sticks too well.

The other oddity is with Cura. Loading the same model with the same print parameters will yield different print times between the two machines. As much as a two hour difference. This boggles me because I would assume that once the hot end starts the first layer all things would be equal when trying to print the same model.

TL;DR version:
1: Assuming the environmental conditions and print parameters are identical, why would the TAZ need an enclosure when the Mini does not?
2: Given that the print parameters are set identically in Cura for both machines, why would the TAZ generate a longer print time for the same model?

That’s interesting… outside of the larger heavier print bed there are no differences. When I switched machines in Cura, the print time for the Rocktopus stayed the same.

TAZ 5 default profile:

Mini default profile:

Try downloading the latest Cura and reinstalling… completely uninstall the previous to ensure a fresh start. The one thing I didn’t do was transfer the pre-configured machine settings when switching to “Expert” settings.

Interesting thing, when I switched back to “Quickprint” the time was reduced to 36min from 57min… but was equal duration for both machines. Based on that, I would say Lulzbot has tweaked the “quickprint” settings for the machines… I’m not a Cura user, so maybe others have better input.

For your “splitting” issues on the TAZ 5, try increasing the extrusing temps by a degree or two. The larger bed, is most likely more demanding on the stepper motors taxing the PSU a bit more.

Every printer is unique and settings need to be adapted. Check for any drafts from HVAC vents also…

I went uninstalled and re-installed Cura to test what happens when I import the “quickprint” settings into the full settings profile. When I did so, I used the .35 nozzle for the TAZ and it increased the print time. So maybe that’s something you need to check… the Mini defaults to a .5mm nozzle and the TAZ 5 defaults to a .35mm nozzle. Smaller nozzle diameter, longer print times.

I definitely made sure it was set to .5 for the nozzle. I’ll try an uninstall/reinstall of Cura next. What slicer are you currently using?

I use Simplify3D for slicing and Octoprint for printer control. Report back, interested to see what you find.


If your printing with ABS bump your extruder up to 245- 250 and keep the bed at 110 C regardless of what has been posted. Make sure your first layer is swished (a little) when it goes down. Unless your print is big or tall you should not have problems with ABS unless you did with the Mini. On long timewise prints, or large prints you might need an enclosure. I have switched totally over to PETG for everything, it makes your life a lot easier.

I uninstalled Cura and downloaded/installed a fresh copy of 17.10. Now loading up a model with each machine yields the same print time, however, switching between the two with a model loaded makes all of the left side options disappear. I’ve been looking into Simplify3D, as well. I may purchase after Christmas time.

Thanks! I’m already printing at 245/110, though, and I don’t know what you mean by “swishing”. I’ve done some reading on PETG and it seems cool. Does it require an enclosure? Is there a particular brand that is better than others?

No enclosure and the stuff is the best thing since sliced bread. You will need to use retraction as it gets a bit stringy. Moisture in the air does not seem to have any effect on it.