Holy cow this thing is fast!

I printed the same test piece (the pawn from this chess set) and the difference in print time between my TAZ 4 and my Mini is pretty incredible.

I’m using Cura - LulzBot Edition, printing in ABS in Normal Quality.

The TAZ 4 takes 1 hour 11 minutes. The Mini? An incredible 32 minutes! I mean, is that just due to an unoptimized Cura quickprint profile for the TAZ? I’ve seen similar time differences between other models as well and the Mini just seems noticeably faster.

I’m not complaining, it’s just that my TAZ 4 now seems a bit…lame :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it the larger nozzle?

I didn’t realize the Mini had a different sized nozzle. How much is the size difference?

The Mini uses a 0.5mm nozzle.

Ah, yes, that would do it. And it still does a really nice job on high quality mode!

Post pictures or it didn’t happen!! :laughing:

That is a pretty huge difference. I would love to see comparison pictures of the two as well.

Are you still using the stock nozzle on the Taz 4 as well? I think it is 0.35, right?

I am in the market for a 3d printer and was looking heavily at the Taz4, but the hot end looks so much better on the mini, but this could just be the honeymoon period as well.

I am using the stock nozzle on the TAZ 4. I’m going to upgrade to the new extruder (same design as the one on the Mini) once it comes out. I’m sure there won’t be nearly the same difference in print time as when using the stock TAZ extruder.