gcode experts

Hello All,

I have something I would like to try, but what I’ve tried so far doesn’t work (no big surprise really).

If you look at the attached, I have tried:
G1 X0 Y250
and the head moves to X0 Y250 but no pause, it just moves right back and starts printing again.
Has anyone tried doing this in gcode? Using KISSlicer BTW.
Also, assuming I do get M226 to work, will sending another M226 resume printing? Is it like a toggle?

Check out http://reprap.org/wiki/G-code

It looks like M226 may not be supported in Marlin. There are MANY g- and m-codes and not all of them are implemented in any firmware. It looks like Marlin may treat this as an M0 - which is a stop - turns off motors, heaters, etc. Not what you want to do.

If it worked as a pause you would use M24 to restart.

What are you trying to do? It looks like you might want to use M25.

Just playing around really. I would like to try to Pause, Move to X,Y, do a task, then resume.

Imagine an arm, like a piston connecting rod (not really, but will work for this example).
I want to print an arm with a pocket, pause, insert something into the pocket, then resume printing to encapsulate the item in the arm.

I’ll try M25, but SD Pause seemed to me like it for printing from SD card.

No joy!

M25 is completely ignored printing from RH. I’ll try the same code printing from SD card. This will be a first!

I have used G4 S5 (pause 5 seconds) and know that works but it isn’t exactly the behavior you are looking for. You could make the pause very long but then you’d have to wait.

Yeah, I thought about that, and that will work, but is not ideal.

BUT… the good news is that M25 worked a treat printing from the SD card. Again, not ideal, but serviceable.

Thanks Mike, I probably wouldn’t have tried M25 without the push.

I wonder if Marlin can be made to recognize M226?

But I’ll need help, because what I know about programming usually creates smoke and things going “CRASH”!

Well, if anyone is interested, this works using Repetier-Host:

G1 X0 Y250 ; move head to Back left hand corner.
@pause ; will pause and show a dialog box until you press the contiue button.