Gcode scripts archive items: pause printing

It’s been a while since I last posted.

The forum has changed a bit so I am unable to find a post that featured a gcode script that I used (and, unfortunately lost).

The script, when inserted in a gcode document, would stop the print at the insertion location allowing the operator (in this case, TAZ 6) to change the filament then restart the print with a Cura “resume” command. (sorry for the 'run-on" sentence…)

Does anyone know where one can find this script?

Recent versions of firmware for the TAZ 6 include support for the M600 command. Recent versions of CuraLE and Ultimaker Cura have a ColorChange or FilamentChange post processing script that will insert an M600 into the generated gcode.

In the voice of Montgomery Burns:


So, looking at the M600 command - what firmware version must I have loaded in my TAZ 6 for this to work? I am using a Mac version of Cura 3.6.20 with Marlin (that last digit value is a guess as the power-on sequence is fast and it is hard to see the value with my viewing angle…)

How do you get your .gcode files to your printer? Are you still using sneaker net with an SD card or do you transfer over a USB connection? If you use (or can use) a USB connection, just about any host program you use will have a console (or terminal) mode.

The easiest way to check for M600 support is to use this console mode and type M600.
Either you get an unknown command type error or some other error because the conditions aren’t right. If you don’t get an unknown error, then use Cura to slice a 4x4x4mm cube and use the ColorChange or FilamentChange post processing script to insert an M600 at z = 2mm. Shouldn’t take but a few minutes to answer the question.

BTW, use this console mode and type M115. This will tell you the Marlin version plus a lot more.

It could’ve been this post, featuring a pause script:

Thanks, mag911! That was what I was looking for!