pause printer in S3d

im wanting to pause my print at a given layer I have a script

{REPLACE "; layer 39, Z = " "\nG1 X10 Y5\nM0\n; layer 39, Z = "}

using the M0 command does the Taz 6 firmware support this I know prusa does not and they use M600

I know Marlin does support the M0 but depending whether Lulzbot implemented it is another question???

any advise appreciated

Recent versions of Marlin for the LulzBot printers support both M0 and M600.

I think using M600 is the way to go.

thanks for the reply
the M600 requires parameters

Z[relative lift]
E[initial retract
L[later retract distance for removal]

my script in S3d
based on the M0
{REPLACE "; layer 39, Z = " "\nG1 X10 Y5\nM0\n; layer 39, Z = "}

so altering the script to
{REPLACE "; layer 39, Z = " "\nM600\nG1 X10 Y5 Z12.0\n; layer 39, Z = "}

Do you think this would work not done any scripting before just learning

Help Appreciated

M600 has parameters but it also has defaults. I’m not sure but the X and Y coordinates may be absolute or relative depending on the setting of G90, G91. From the documentation, it appears that Z is always relative. The load and unload length appear to also be relative but I’d not specify them and go with the defaults (or set them with M603).

Other than that, your replacement script looks good. I’d experiment with something small first until you are happy with the settings.


thank you for your reply and link, defaults are set in configuration h file, which im not looking at been there once before??. it made interesting reading so will try my line and see, thanks for the advise and link.