Getting control of layer variations on smaller prints.

For the most part My AO-100 is printing perfectly. There does seem to be a little play in the axis now that I have about 14lbs through it, but even when things were new I was experiencing varying layer protrusion that seemed to happen in a pattern. You can see it good in the photos below.

It seems to appear every 5 layers or so and gets worse as I decrease layer height. I have noticed that since the beginning, the Acme Rods so seem to not be aligned good and they wobble when turning. I was told that upgrading to the X end clamp 2.0 could fix this, but have yet to print the new clamps. What are your thoughts on the matter?

We actually switched over to the x-end 2.0 clamps to alleviate this exact problem, another thing to check is to make sure there isn’t any nut slop in the z-axis. There’s a brass nut in the clamp that needs to be able to slide around a little in the x-axis but none in the z-axis(keeps the carriage aligned with the linear rods, not the drive rods). You can adjust how it can move by the 4 vertical screws holding the clamp together. You’ll know it’s right when you can move the drive z-rod in the X-axis but when you hold the frame, grab the x-end and try to move it up and down there’s very little to no play. You’ll see quite a jump in print quality!