Getting PLA to stick

I’ve had excellent luck with ABS and HIPS (aside from an allergic reaction to HIPS fumes, but now I’ve built a nice vented hood, so will try that again) and I finally decided to try PLA on this printer. I don’t really like PLA in general, it feels sort of chintzy and brittle especially when compared to ABS, but I figured I should try it due to its probable lower toxicity.

Problem is, I just can’t get PLA to stick. I’m using eSun, I’ve cleaned the bed thoroughly with alcohol several times now, raised up the bed temperature gradually (last try was at 80), raised the print temp (last at 215). It seems to happen consistently on the third layer – I wonder if the cooling fan is having a negative effect (it kicks on after the first layer).

Anyway, I’m wondering what PLA users have found to work well – I’d love some advice on getting this stuff to stick.

Yeah! First success:

Hot end: 215
Bed: 90
Fan full on height: 4mm
Fan min speed: 40%
Fan max speed: 70%

I guess I’ll just start bringing the temps down now. I really think the fan was kicking on too soon and cooling the bottom layer to the point it just popped off.

Well, those settings aren’t working on a taller object. Maybe the plastic is a bit viscous and pulling when it is laid down? I’ll keep fooling with it.

I use Ultimachine PLA. I run it a 220 with the bed at 60.

Wow. I’m a knucklehead.

I ordered some PLA and assumed I got what I ordered. I was getting fired up to give it another try tonight when I looked at the label on the spool. It’s ABS. No wonder it won’t stick to the plate at 60C! I thought it was weird that I was the only person in the world who couldn’t get PLA to stick … now I know I haven’t even been using PLA at all.

As I suspected in my last post, when printing at PLA temps, the secret to getting PLA to stick, is to get PLA. :laughing:

A spool of PLA arrived today, first object is half done. Absolutely zero issues using default fine setting in Cura. No tweaks, no effort. Anyway, at least I’ve totally learned how ABS won’t print well when treated like PLA.