Getting Quality Prints

Hello All,

I’m looking to buy a Lulzbot Taz 4 since it’s got nice reviews and I found one for around £1000 with a lot of filament.

I’d like to get some images of “High Quality” prints from a stock Taz 4, I’m looking to print some relatively high quality objects where the lines are barely visible. I’ve seen a lot of prints from the Taz 4 just by searching Reddit and Google but a lot of them have very visible lines where the object has been printed.

I’d like to print at a quality similar to the 0.05mm frog on this image -

Would this be possible with a stock Taz 4?

Possible with a very small nozzle and very small layer size on a very well dialed in printer. If you are expecting results like that out of the box initially from any printer out there, you are going to be dissappointed. The resin printers / laser sintering ones may get you a smoother print initially but at double that price point, and without the strength of material.

To get extremely accurate prints takes alot of time and effort. Your bed needs to be 100% level. Your layer height needs to be exactly correct. Your fillament width needs to be dialed in, and your extruder needs to extrude exactly down to the fraction of a milimeter the amount of plastic it is supposed to be. You also are going to need a cooling fan for the material on the smallest layers, something that might not be on the Taz4 by default but can easilly be added. You will also want to print in some sort of enclosure to control temperature.

Once you have all that dialed in and your print profile built and tested, a print of that size at the highest possible quality settings is going to take around 8 hours +/-.