TAZ 4 print quality advice?

Hi, I live in Chicago and our Chicago Public Library MakerLab (http://www.chipublib.org/maker-lab/) has a Lulzbot TAZ 4. I stopped by yesterday to find they are still having print quality issues since it was first setup in July.

Here’s photos I took yesterday of prints and settings:

They told me the best they have been able to do is the soldier head model. The green model was printed on their TAZ 4. The yellow was printed their MakerBot Replicator 2.

Any suggestions?

pdp7pdp7 at gmail com

Lowering the print layer height will assist with improving quality of overhangs, which that piece has a lot of. If they’re using Lulzbot Slic3r settings, they’re not getting as fine detail as possible. Layer height can go down to .06. Also, make sure the fan is on. When I started, I made the mistake of putting the printer on a table and unknowingly had the rear feet hanging off the table, this made the unit wobble sometimes and messed up whatever I was printing.

Hope this helps.

Is your Filament really 3mm? Measure it in several places and use the average.

If I were printing this, I would lower the layer height and slow everything down a tad. I generally use .2 for my Layer height.


Thanks for the advice! I will try it out the next time I am the Library MakerLab.

(Sorry, I should have specified the TAZ 4 has 3mm PLA spool sold by
Lulzbot. The MakerLab’s MakerBots have 1.75mm PLA, not sure the vendor.)

Are they using a configuration profile from here? That is the best place to start.