Getting started with the Mini

Hey Friends,

Happy to have the new Mini in hand - and we’re all very impressed with it. Out of the box it printed the HIPS rocktopus flawlessly. Highfive Lulzbot.

Two questions for those that know more than me:

Default Profiles
Do these quickprint profiles correspond to the print profiles in the git repo: ?

Printing PLA
After printing the rocktopus with Hips we tried printing another few objects with ABS. Using the quickprint profiles in Cura these prints came out perfect. Fast, too.

Loaded up some ESun PLA from Lulzbot and tried the same prints. The first thing we noticed is that the print speed seems drastically slower – even on the fastest quickprint profile. The primary variable seems to be layer thickness.

Does anyone have a faster print profile for PLA that works with the mini? Something on par with ABS? My largest concern with altering print settings is the somewhat finicky nature of PLA on the Mini. In another thread it sounds like PLA can ooze and buildup then prevent the machine from properly calibrating. This has not always had good endings.

Fun to be apart of the Lulzbot family!

New myself so can’t help but wanted to say Hi & Welcome none the less. :smiley:

You could go into easy print mode and load up a model. Then save the gcode to a file. Then switch the mode back to full settings and use the “File/Load Profile from GCode …” option to pull in the easy print settings.