hand made Cooler Fan issue TAZ3

Hi everyone,

So I’ve been trying to put together some cooling for my TAZ3 extruder, to use with PLA prints.
Right on start, I’ve encountered an issue. I connected the cooling fan with Arduino board (RAMbo),but it’s not doing anything.
Things I’ve done:
The fan was 3-wired, so I removed the yellow, and via transform piece I have connected plus with plus and minus with minus (thus puting black where it’s supposed to be and red as well.
I’ve check the “always on” option in slicer prior to exporting the Gcode for Printer Interface

any suggestions on what I have missed?

thanks a lot

If you power the fan externally, with 12v, does the fan work? If so the command M106 will turn it on and M107 will turn it off.

Also, try switching the fan wires. It will work one way, it will not work the other way.

Thanks for the replies.
Apparently, the first fan was broken, so the second one worked no problems. Straight into arduino board.