Hardware Reference

Hello Guys,

I’m new to 3d printing and all, and English is not my first language, so i was wondering is there any glossary with pictures and names of each part of “common” 3d printers? I read every time name of parts and I can associate with what part that is (like Hobbed Bolt for example).

Of course with 1 minute googling my question is answered, but I was wondering if somebody know a reference, glossary or anything like that would help a lot to talk the same language as everybody else, seek for help and etc…

Thank you,

Vitor Henrique :smiley:

The reprapqiki has alot of information along those lines, some of which has been translated to other languages: http://reprap.org/

I have not found a good list of parts and definitions for you. I’ll work on one for here.

We have a poster for the Mini you may find useful:


Yeap… most of the time that I google something I end it up on the reprap website.

The mini poster is useful and a good start, but it is missing a lot of pieces that are really important, not only for my case (where English is not mine first language) but for users seeking support.


Vitor Henrique