i dont want to sound like a noob and all. but how do i find the parts i need to replace and print them. i have been to downloads.lulzbot but i dont know how to differentiate what part is what. i need the hinged idler arm for a lulzbot mini. mine has cracked almost in half.

Well… there aren’t that many options under the Mini… I’d get the STL from the directory below:

There are two… Just like the Mini version, I’d pick the most recent.

I printed the beefy idler clamp pivot from the lulzbot website. This one is the latest for their latest batch of mini production printers. It’s much thicker than the old ones and less likely to snap.

I printed one last week and installed it on my mini. It was simple.

Make sure to print with at least a 2mm wall thickness and a 85% infill for printer parts.