Has anyone updated the Taz 5 firmware?

Have anyone updated the Taz 5 firmware to the latest 1.1.0RC8 ?

I don’t know about RC8, but if you search the forums there is a 1.1.0 RCx for the TAZ 5… I’ll update the post if I find the thread.

Here’s the thread:

I did see that thread, since the posts ending in March / April and not seeing any RC5/6/7… Is why I started this one asking. I could see where lulzbot has newer firmware for the mini.

During the time if that thread, it looked as though there was some experimentation with 1.1.0 by AO. But it looked like they turned off some of the new features as the tests progressed. So, I’m guessing they didn’t find enough benefit in the new features to continue testing.

I tried the RC4, but ultimately reverted back to the supported firmware. The LIN feature made the top flat surfaces look really nice. And the 1.1.0 allows the reporting of bed temp while the extruder is heating up to extrusion temp… But I needed retraction for dual extrusion and the firmware didn’t produce clean at the end of layers.

Applying the RC4 configuration files should be enough to get RC8 up and running. Maybe a diff of these files can reveal the necessary variable changes for the TAZ 5. Ultimately, I hope AO to update the TAZ 5 firmware when 1.1.0 has a stable release.

Thanks for the info! Btw, does anybody know where I can buy an extruder for 1.75 filament?

You can get a 1.75 extruder from here. I’ve been experimenting with the recently released 1.1.0 FW and I don’t feel it is ready for mainstream use. There are several known bugs that directly affect us that have been patched but not merged into the main channel yet. I am still tracking down a bug causing the z-axis to get inverted during a print and crash the nozzle. I am on 1.1 RC2 currently.