having issues using printer

I have spent a while on the phone with the customer service people today. They were really helpful but now i need help maybe with my windows system. I can use Cura all the way til i hit print… once i hit the print, my printer is not recognized. I have the latest edition, and all the drivers have been installed as well. my printer says its on auto, but when i go to my devices and printers on my computer is says its com12. I have windows 7 and an old version of cura did work and let me print, but i would prefer using the newest technology. Can anyone help me with how or what to do other than get windows 10…also…does anyone know if the free windows 10 download from the internet would not hurt my computer? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

I don’t know if it is still available but I got Windows 10 for free off of the Windows website right after it was released and have been running it on my computer ever since without any issue. You could try checking there for a safe version, see if it is still being offered for free. With Windows that is kind of a toss up since I know they generally don’t like giving things away for free (at least not for long) but it is worth a shot.

Also could you post your Cura log? I am curious to see if maybe it would give us a hint as to why this is happening.
Here is where you can find the Cura.log on a Windows computer: