Printer not found - Cura LE v4.13/Mini2

Just installed Cura LulzBot v4.13.2//Windows and when I got to print it says Can’t find Printer. If I go back to v3.6.20 (still installed) it prints without issue. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Dave

What OS are you using by chance?

Is any other software running that might be connected to the printer? If you had 3.6 open first to copy startup GCODE or profiles over, it will be connected to the COM port assigned to the printer.

If something is connected to the COM port that is assigned to the printer already, 4.13 won’t be able to connect.

I am on Windows 10 and 3.6 was closed when I upgraded and ran 4.13. Is there a way to check if the USB/COM ports are available in 4.13?

So we have seen a couple of users having some odd connection issues with the new Cura and we will be looking further into that.

In the meantime, what you can do is go to your preference settings in Cura and scroll down to the Develop settings.
There you can find a setting that is Allow connection to wrong printers.
Go ahead and select that and you should be able to connect to your Mini 1.

It may give you a warning about connecting to wrong printers could damage them or something along those lines, but as long as you have the correct printer set up, you should be good to go.

Thanks so much for helping. I went to Preferences/Configure Cura…/General/Developer.Settings and selected “Allow connection to wrong printers”. I got the same error: No USB Printer Connected/Printer does not accept commands.

Restarted, same issue. If I then run 3.6.2 it will print without issue.