Head cleaning routine

Hi, I’m a newbie, and am very pleased with the results I have had with the objects I have created.

My question is around the preprint set-up process. When the print head self cleans on the bed cleaning strip, it misses the centre of the strip, scuffing and rubbing along the rear edge of the cleaning strip mounting frame hard enough the move the bed. The bed is probably about 3-4mm out on the Y (?) axis.

Assuming this is not ok, can anyone advise on how I make the appropriate adjustment so the head correctly aligns with the cleaning strip?


Check your Y-axis limit switch for proper operation and positioning. It’s under the heated bed, in the left rear quadrant. When the printer “homes”, it then knows where everything is, in counts.
Make sure your Y-axis motor pulley isn’t slipping also.
Play around w/ Cura in manual mode to see if movements agree with what it you command.

Rhoderman, thank you for your response. I’m fairly certain the pulley isn’t slipping but will check and will also remove the bed and check Y-axis limit switch. I assume it will be obvious if it is incorrectly positioned. The X-axis flexi-cable track was mis-aligned when delivered, so I assume it is feasible other components may also have become slightly mis-aligned.

After that I will venture into manual, (that will no doubt be a voyage of discovery). and report back.

Ok, contacted Lulzbot technical team - they didn’t seem keen on the adjusting the code approach.

So, my solution was to download the wipe mount part from the website, modify the position of the screw holes and reprint. Works a treat, job done.