MINI: Y axis Bed Leveling Off Center. Motor Grinding Belt

Lulzbot Mini: When going through the self leveling routine, the self cleaning portion works OK. Then the printhead moves to the front left washer and begins the electrical contact procedure. The tip of the printhead is off toward the back of the machine and it seems to touch on the angled part of the printhead.

It’s a 50/50 thing that happens next:

  1. Either the printhead moves to the front right washer and repeats the contact procedure (again too far toward the rear), continues to the right rear (now about centered on the washer) and repeats to the left rear (same problem as right rear) OR
  2. The firmware confirms that proper contact hasn’t been made on the front left washer and the printhead then attempts to move to the cleaning pad. Unfortunately, the printhead moves behind the cleaning pad to the rear. At this point I have to shut off the Mini and restart it and use software to quickly move the Z axis up away from the plastic at the rear of the cleaning pad.

I am now getting regular “grinding” of the Y axis drive belt when the glass bed goes to the rear during print startup. I’ve checked the 2 Y axis limit switches and they seem to be secure and working.

I’m at a loss as to what to do except to return the unit under warranty to the factory.

The Mini has worked well for the last eleven months.

Any ideas as to what is wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Please contact Lulzbot support at with this issue so we may provide you with further assistance.

Thank you.

Maybe one of these:

With 8 months of light use I had to replace both the X and Y steppers.