Heat Break Fan not Working

I have a TAZ 6, which has been running great for over a year. The thermister went out, I replaced it, then noticed that the heat brake fan was not spinning. Ordered a replacement, and the new one is not spinning.

Red wire went towards the label like it was when I removed the pin from the harness connector.

The printer consistently jams after several minutes of running, but everything seems to work (bed leveling, extruder, heated bed, display), just not this fan.

Any suggestions?


It would probably be a good idea to check inside your control box and make sure that the connector for your heatsink fan is still plugged in on your RAMBo (control board). To do this first completely power off and unplug your printer then you can remove the 14 2mm hex screws that run the perimeter of your control box. Remove the cover panel and set it to the side. Here is a photo which shows where the connectors for your E0 internal extruder harness plug into your RAMBo board: https://ohai.lulzbot.com/media/uploads/EL-HR0087_74Yjd8G.jpg.600x0_q85.jpg
Make sure that the green and yellow connector labeled 5v fan is plugged in and oriented correctly.