Heat plate connection

One of my white wires coming from under the glass plate fell out of its connector. The connection is a crimped terminal end going into a black plastic connector, which pairs with another black connector for the other white wire. I’m not familiar with this type of connection. What is the best way to repair or replace? thanks

If you are under warranty, call support. If you aren’t you can either look in the BOM (Bill of Materials) ODS file and find the part numbers for the bed piece, re-crimp it and install a new end, or buy a new bed entirely. I generally do my own crimping, but I know the Bed connectors on the Taz at any rate are slightly different than usual.

It sounds like you are talking about the Anderson connectors. Yes you can unlatch them from the housing and possibly get the wire back in the crimp and crimp it tighter. The pin is shaped like a j and you carefully lift the front end of the flat part and push it back out of the housing(In simple terms). You might web search for a guide that gives you pictures to help you with this.